More Trees, Please!

Forest Initiative

A Floyd non-profit focused on planting trees TODAY for a healthier, cleaner, and more beautiful world.

What We Do

Connect Floyd residents with agriculture and water conservation programs funding riparian barrier tree plantings. Support qualifying residents in achieving carbon trade for reforested land tracks.

Organize and participate in Floyd volunteer tree planting parties. Helping landowners committed to tree preservation reforest their lands with native trees. Ensuring landowner empowerment and investment in tree survival.

Promote and host educational events to ensure a better informed public. Our focus is on the human foot print and what to do about it. We provide tools and knowledge to create greater eco-health and improve planting survival rates.

Want to do better?

Get Financial Support for Greening your Farm

There has never been a better time to plant trees than NOW. More Trees, Please! works with you, and works with nature. Let’s do all we can to make sure the world we leave our children is stronger, safer, healthier and more beautiful.

  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonally Wise
  • Floyd Local
  • Volunteer Run
  • Native Plants
  • Long Term Sustainability
  • Carbon Trade
  • Land Conservation
  • Education
  • Community Involvment
  • Oxygen!
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gases
  • Renewed Ecosystems
  • Cleaner Air and Water

Mission Statement: More Trees Please! aims to draw down carbon emissions via reforestation and avoided deforestation. MTP! will help landowners access federal and state cost-share programs, organize site visits with professional foresters, and organize volunteer planting parties. More Trees Please! will aggregate landowners into carbon market collectives and will be a repository of information regarding planting and caring for saplings.

What to know before, during and after planting

Planting Knowledge

  • A “More Trees Please” Community Tree Story
    By Jane Cundiff March 22, 2020           On Wednesday evening UPS delivered a box of 175 tree saplings from the VA Forestry Service.  Yikes!  Hadn’t I cancelled that $355 order months ago??    After a bit of panic & searching ourContinue reading “Home”
  • Food Trees
    PRESERVE NATURE, PLANT TREES! And some of our own FOOD too! ALL trees, bushes and even vegetables, flowers and herbs are far better than grass lawns for absorbing carbon dioxide and producing more oxygen than they consume. The huge three-dimensionalContinue reading “Home”
  • Planting Info
    Handling Seedlings ⦁ Keep boxes and bags closed when not in use⦁ Store seedlings out of sun under seedling tarp. Move them (as needed) as the sun moves.⦁ Keep seedlings moist in liner inside planting bags Planting Sequence ⦁ ScalpContinue reading “Home”
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